Hør min stemme - styrkelse af Tadsjikistans civilsamfund i at tale for handicaprettigheder | Mission East

Hør min stemme - styrkelse af Tadsjikistans civilsamfund i at tale for handicaprettigheder

Project Status: 


By the end of the project the partners: 1) have improved their organizational management capacities and strengthened their networking skills. 2) have increased their technical expertise, and are on the way to becoming lead agencies in rights-based inclusion of people with disability into society, and 3) are advocating individually and in coalition for rights-based services for people with disability.


1.1 Assess the organizational capacities of involved CSOs.  
1.2 Organize exchange with disability focused civil society in Armenia.
1.3 Develop individual action plans for improvement per organization and coach and mentor intensively the organizations in their development.
1.4 Organize support-training for organization’s staff on the concept of coaching and mentoring.
1.5 Organize workshops which will lead to a strategic document for cooperation between the partners themselves and Mission East.
2.1 Analyse the possibilities for advocacy on the rights of PWDs in the country.
2.2 Support the existing coalition to get policies and processes in place and to develop & implement a multi-annual advocacy plan for ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and the implementation of its goals and articles.



The project will empower civil society organizations in Tajikistan to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, especially children. The aim is to ensure equal access to resources and services for them, to make a meaningful participation in society possible. The four partner organizations will participate in a well-balanced set of activities including organizational assessment, technical trainings and will go through a process of mentoring, coaching and on the job learning.


Civil Society in Development (CISU)




Sughd and Khatlon province & involvement of 22 potential other CS initiatives throughout the country