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Helping the persecuted in Iraq
”I have experienced almost more than I can cope with. But it was also encouraging to see that our assistance reaches those in need.” tells Kim Hartzner, Managing Director of Mission East, after his visit in northern Iraq in fall 2014. You can see more moving pictures and read the stories here: Displaced after 1,700 years Ethnic cleansing Helping the persecuted
Many of the displaced live in improvised camps outside of the official UN system
While the fighting in northern Iraq and Syria continues, the Danish organisation, Mission East, intensifies relief efforts as winter nears in the Dohuk region of northern Iraq. With temperatures dropping to freezing point in the upcoming winter months, relief aid is urgently needed in the Dohuk region of northern Iraq. In light of this, aid workers from the Danish organisation, Mission East, provide winterization for the most vulnerable displaced people. Sigurd Sorensen, project manager at Mission East in northern Iraq, , has assessed the needs among the most vulnerable. He found that many...
Internally displaced in Northern Iraq. (Photo by Mission East)
The Danish emergency organisation Mission East has established a team of emergency aid experts on the ground in Northern Iraq which is currently witnessing one the largest humanitarian crises in the world. The team will secure clean water, food and shelter for internally displaced Christians and Yazidis in the Dohuk Governorate.  By Per Bergholdt Jensen Thousands of Christian and Yazidi families have fled from their homes in recent months in Northern Iraq due to religious and ethnic persecution.  Mission East is working to provide them with basic humanitarian aid.  “Up until now Mission East...