Nepal Situation Report 7: Earthquake Emergency Response | Mission East

Nepal Situation Report 7: Earthquake Emergency Response

”We are so thankful! We now have protection against the monsoon”, says a Nepalese woman after receiving relief aid in the village, Gati.

On the16th of June, Mission East and Medair successfully distributed shelter recourses and household items out to 695 families in Gati village in the Sindhupalchowk district, north east of the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu.

The two collaborating organizations report of their releif efforts in the earthquake stricken country, 7 weeks after the first earthquake hit Nepal on the 25th of April.  Mission East and  Medair have now distributed items to 4,824 households in 7 village districts in total.

“We have all lost our houses in Gati; it’s a completely destroyed village”, Dhana Maya Shrestha explains, in front of her destroyed house. She is a member of a women’s group in the village.

“I did not imagine that I would face the day where I would need to ask for help; but when your help came today, it was so good. We are very thankful. At least now we have protection from the rain, and we can collect and store water in jerry cans. You also made sure to distribute the materials equally. Thank you so much!

Dhana Maya Shrestha not only lost her house, but also her sister in law in a landslide.

“We are all very afraid of the landslides. There are so many. Especially with the monsoon coming”, she says.

Mission East and Medair aim to reach a total of 8.768 households in 9 villages. Listikot village district is included which consists of 945 families.  Due to the lack of accessibility to these remote villages, it is necessary to fly by helicopter during this particular relief distribution.

“Despite all houses being destroyed and the danger of living in an environment prone to landslides, we witnessed quite a lot of smiles. The locals are very happy with the distributed shelter and household materials”, says Wendy van Amerongen from Medair.

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