Mission East helps the victims of the earthquake in Nepal | Mission East

Mission East helps the victims of the earthquake in Nepal

Hjælp de fordrevne i Nordirak - Fotokredit: CAPNI (Christian Aid Program)

This is how you can help:

  • Equipped emergency health clinic to treat injured people: 1200 EUR
  • Emergency kit for cooking, drinking, hygiene and shelter: 155 EUR
  • Basic care kit for 100 people, medication, medical and hygiene equipment: 140 EUR
  • Blankets and a hygiene kit for a family: 65 EUR
  • Emergency shelter for 1 family: 50 EUR
  • 3 Jerrycans for 1 family to keep clean water: 12 EUR*



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to help the most vulnerable

Mission East provides clean drinking water and shelter for 13,000 homeless in four villages northeast of Kathmandu after the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Local authorities have given Mission East responsibility for the Sindhupalchowk-district, which has the highest number of deaths in relation to population. Up to 90 percent of the houses are destroyed to a degree that they cannot be used as shelter and are in danger of collapsing due to the frequent aftershocks. Around 13,000 people are directly affected by the disaster in the four villages.

Mission East is on the ground and provides emergency relief to the many, who have lost their home and family and are injured. Shelter is being provided to the affected families, special purification tablets ensure enough drinking water, equipped emergency health clinics are being established and emergency kits are being distributed.

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*) These are examples of what we distribute to the victims of the earthquake in the Sindhupalchowk-district of Nepal. The incoming funds are used for the items that are needed the most.