Nepal Annual Review 2013 | Mission East

Nepal Annual Review 2013

Nepal 2013 annual review

When Mission East decided to focus its support on the Karnali zone in 2007, we already knew that it would be a challenge to reach such a remote region and its people. That is why we decided to be there, and only there.
At that time, we crossed rivers on cable carts, flew with WFP helicopters when they were available, drunk water from the rivers, and in dry season, we barely managed to find decent food to fuel our 10 hour a day walks to visit the communities! Six years later the situation has improved slightly. Bridges have been rebuilt, the road network is expanding, more and more villages are equipped with clean water, the food is better and more diversified, and villages less dirty.
Today, those who go to Karnali for the first time would still see the extreme poverty, effects of deforestation, limited access to media and information, malnourished children, and the hardship of life. But those who visit Karnali regularly would see that things are improving, albeit slowly. It just takes time to see the changes.
I am very happy to share with you a glimpse of our action, jointly implemented with our partners. It covers the achievements of 2013. A lot has been done before, and our aim is to continue our hard work to contribute to the inclusive and resilient development of the population of Karnali for the coming years.
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