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Ruzimoh got her chance to flourish

Despite her disability, Ruzimoh is a very fast learner. Her parents realized that when a children’s corner was established in their village.
When Ruzimoh was born, her mother quickly discovered that she was not like other children, since Ruzimoh didn’t respond when her mother spoke to her. When Ruzimoh grew up, she could not speak, and her mother tried to hide her from the neighbours in the village in the province of Panjakent.
In Tajikistan, many parents are ashamed of having a child with disabilities. The traditional view is that a person with a disability has no value, and is unable to contribute to society. However, only little help was needed before Ruzimoh began to develop her creative talent.
Ruzimoh enjoys drawing, and has over the years, helped her three siblings, when they needed to draw something for their school assignments.
15-year-old Ruzimoh with her mother Jamila, and her 6-year-old sister, Mohinur
Ruzimoh won the prize
One day, Mission East organized a drawing contest in the village, and Ruzimoh won. Later on special children's corner for children with disabilities was established in the village, with a few toys and books. It did not take long before
Ruzimoh had read everything and filled all the drawing books. Currently, Ruzimoh teaches other girls to weave special garments for bridal outfits.
Ruzimoh’s mother, Jamila Boboeva, says: "My daughter is able to teach other children, and when their mothers see it, they are surprised. But she needs more materials, such as books on how to learn different crafts."
Access to a children's corner has made Ruzimoh’s talent flourish. Both her parents, and other parents in the community, have realized that she is a young girl with prospects.