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Mission East is now a member of HAP

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Mission East has joined the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP), which promotes accountability in humanitarian action.

Along with 87 other organizations in HAP, Danish NGO, Mission East has made a commitment to ensure a high level of accountability to affected populations within its work.
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"It is crucial that NGOs like Mission East, are accountable and transparent in their humanitarian actions. This accountability applies to both private and public donors, but most of all to the people we are helping every day. Therefore, we are now a part of HAP," says Managing Director, Kim Hartzner.
Little influence
When NGOs provide assistance to people affected by disasters, conflict, poverty or other crises, these people often have little influence on the decisions of the organizations and cannot complain or hold them accountable. Furthermore, most reporting and documentation of relief and development work today are aimed at donors. HAP ensures that Mission East is also responsible to the people who receive aid by listening to their views and giving them the opportunity to hold Mission East accountable.

"We want to provide responsible assistance to the 2/3 of the world's poor who live in Eastern Europe and Asia, whom we see it as our mission to assist. Therefore, we have chosen to take the first step towards certification by becoming full members of HAP," says Kim Hartzner.
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Prohibition of abuse
Specifically, this means that Mission East will develop and implement an Accountability Framework, outlining what stakeholders can hold our organization accountable for, and a Code of Conduct for employees that prohibit sexual exploitation and abuse. Mission East must report regularly to HAP on the process.

In addition to becoming a HAP member, Mission East is committed to The Red Cross Code of Conduct; verified by People in Aid; and applies Sphere Standards to our projects.
The Humanitarian Accountability Partnership has pioneered accountability in the humanitarian sector since its inception in 2003. Today, with a global membership whose work spans more than 70 countries, HAP International has become a leader in accountability-related certification, training and research. With a mission to make humanitarian action accountable, HAP defines accountability as ‘the responsible use of power’. The ultimate goal of the organization is to uphold the rights and the dignity of crisis-affected populations across the world.
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