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2011 Emergency Food Distribution: North Korea Phase 2

Project Status: 

Project aims:

This project aims to provide food support to 9000 children and 1000 caregivers in one of North Koreas’ most food insecure provinces during the second lean period. 

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In light of severe food shortages currently being experienced in North Korea, the Government of DPRK has appealed to the international community for food assisstance. Findings from a recent Rapid Food Assessment Mission have found that:

1. The Public Distribution System (PDS - the DPRK system established to manage chronic food shortages) will have a food shortage at the beginning of first lean season which covers the months May – July. This will be alleviated slightly from late July through to early September but will then continue in the second lean season from September to November because the wheat and potato harvests are significantly reduced. This will substantially increase the risk of malnutrition and other diseases, particularly in food deficit counties.

2. More than six million vulnerable people are in urgent need of food assistance which must come from abroad due to a substantial reduction in agricultural production and in national financial means for commercial imports, as well as a decrease or curtailment of bilateral assistance.

3. The chronic food security experienced in DPRK leads the World Food Programme to estimate that around 1/3 of all children are chronically malnourished. 


The project will target 9000 children and 1000 caregivers in nurseries and kindergartens in Munchon City, Kangwon Province and the provincial orphanages and paediatric hospital in Wonsan City. The project will cover the food needs of these beneficiaries for a 90 day period.

The food items are positioned at the institutions and distributed during meals at the institutions prepared by their staff. The institutions have the cooking facilities and staff needed to prepare the food.


Project code:

KOR-AEC-002 and KOR-WAW-001


Kangwon Province, Munchon City