Towards Education for All 3: - Supporting the Sustainable Development of Education For All Children with Learning Difficulties in Armenia – Securing the Consolidation | Mission East

Towards Education for All 3: - Supporting the Sustainable Development of Education For All Children with Learning Difficulties in Armenia – Securing the Consolidation

Project Status: 

Project Aims:
Development Objective: Contribute to the efforts of Armenia in achieving targets of ‘Education For All’ Flagship on the Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities: Towards Inclusion and Salamanca Statement on special needs education by reforming teacher initial education/ preparation in Armenia.
Immediate Objectives:
1) To increase the knowledge and understanding of State Pedagogic University (SPU) students and lecturers in the principles and practices of inclusive education. 
2) To consolidate lobbying and awareness raising actions of civil society on issues of special needs education, inclusive schools and teacher training.

Major Donor: 
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Project Code:


Donation for Armenia

“Towards Education for All” (TEFA) project, a partnership between Mission East and the local partner NGO Bridge of Hope, had been envisaged in 2 phases: Phase I, September 2003–September 2007, and Phase 2, September 2007-November 2009, and was initially designed to address a lack of government policy and technical ability with regards to inclusive education for children with special needs and to build capacity of civil society to advocate for equal opportunities and access to education for children with disabilities.

To date, inclusive education in Armenia has been institutionalized through improved national education policies and legislation, new special education curricula, incorporation of inclusive and special needs education in ongoing school-teachers training programs of National Institute of Education (NIE), improved capacity of NIE to continue training of schools in inclusive education through its own human and material resources 6 courses of teacher education of the Department of Primary and Special Education of State Pedagogical University (SPU) towards a rights-based, social-constructivist approach to meeting special needs that was adopted by SPU as a teaching programme for the faculty.

In order to consolidate achievements, there remains a clear need to train teachers and students of the biggest teacher training University, the State Pedagogical University in inclusive education theory and practice. The  project  specifically is focusing on supporting the civil society and the SPU to reform SPU teacher preparation programmes for both general education and special education, enabling the new general teachers to meet special educational needs in mainstream classrooms.

Some key activities are: Support the State Pedagogical University (SPU) to improve their theoretical and practical teacher training curriculum by becoming more inclusive by developing “Methodological guidelines for students practical placement in inclusive schools” and “Observation Workbook of students’ practical placement in inclusive schools” and train 15 mentors  to mentor the students’ practical placement and coursework in inclusive schools.

Training and workshops will be organized for DAC NGOs and Parents Network to improve their advocacy and lobbing capacities to a level to contribute seriously in awareness raising and attitude change among the professors at SPU and their students.

National network of parents groups will be empowered by support of BoH parent leaders to improve its skills and abilities in spreading parents’ messages nationwide.

Organization of totally 50 advocacy activities (meetings, training, forums, exhibitions, film festivals, debates, conferences, etc) to raise awareness among SPU student and lectures on disability issues and the rights of persons with disabilities.

Organization of forums of SPU students’ council on “Disability and Human Rights” and creation of an alliance with students of SPU to strengthen the disability movement in Armenia.

Support to Disability Advocacy Coalition (DAC) to establish a multi-stakeholder task force and network on inclusive education to facilitate learning and developments in inclusive education.

Organisation of national conference on ‘Education for All in Armenia – achievements and challenges.