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Shelter and Employment to Syrian Armenian Refugees

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Overall, this project aims to contribute to mitigating the humanitarian situation of the most vulnerable  refugees in Armenia, displaced as a result of the Syria crisis 

The specific project aims to address the immediate housing and psycho-social needs of at least 255 vulnerable refugee households in Armenia displaced from Syria, and contribute to the development of long term housing and employment solutions for refugee populations.


The devastating conflict in Syria has had a number of consequences, among which has been the creation of a massive influx of refugees in the region, including to Armenia. Initially, Syrian families who came to Armenia perceived the situation as temporary and expected to return back to their homes. However, the continuation of the conflict has created need for crucial decisions and public policy options for the Armenian government in order to address the physical, social and legal problems of vulnerable families. Although the Government of Armenia and a number of International Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations are implementing assistance programs, the situation of those seeking help remains critical. The violence experienced in Syria, in addition to the difficulty of displaced living conditions, has caused psycho-social distress to many refugees.

According to the Armenian Government, since the start of the conflict, 18,000 Syrian citizens, primarily of ethnic Armenian background, have arrived in Armenia. As of July 2015, about 13,000 displaced persons remained and found protection in Armenia. The government is offering several protection options including simplified naturalization (more than 10,000 persons have acquired Armenian citizenship), accelerated asylum-procedures and facilitated short, mid and long-term residence permits.
Mission East in Armenia, jointly with its partners: Armenian Redwood Project, Oxfam and UNHCR, contributes to the efforts of the Government to address the urgent humanitarian needs of the displaced population.


Project activities will include: Provision of rental subsidies /winterisation support; Provision of psychosocial support services by Mission East; A Core Group of qualified social workers is established and trained to support refugees displaced from Syria; Humanitarian advocacy contributes to the development of long term housing and employment solutions for refugee populations (focused on displaced people from Syria)


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