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Mission East intends to prevent disease
Mission East hands out hygiene items to 500 families in northern Afghanistan, where latrines and water supply were damaged or destroyed by the massive earthquake on 26 October.
People who are displaced by the conflict in northern Iraq not only live in harsh conditions, but also struggle with the devastating psychological and social impacts of the conflict. But the psychosocial support provided at Mission East’s centres for women and children gives some a new hope for the future.
Everything changed for Ade and her children when they had to flee their home in Sinjar and leave everything behind one early morning last year.
The floodwaters have washed away bridges, so that the people must carry their things on their back while crossing the rivers. Photo: SDD.
The worst floods in decades have hit Burma. "Food is the biggest problem," says Mission East’s partner in one of the affected areas.
The Maid Started her Own Shop
Every day was a struggle against hunger for the 50-year-old widow Majabin and her five children. With help from Mission East, she has now started her own small food business.
Knowledge is a Way out of Poverty
Burmese women started to cooperate on selling chilli peppers after receiving training from Mission East. Better knowledge means more profits, and that brings people out of poverty.
New Mission East Ambassador: Master of Steel Pans Wants to Change the World
Mission East's new music ambassador, Gregory Boyd, is incredibly skilled on the so-called steel pans.
Little Girl Walked for two Days through the Mountains
Mary Nuso’s desire to study was so deep that she as an eight-year-old embarked on a two-day journey, to reach the COME school. Now she is one of the Mara people’s hopes for the future.
Mission East present in Afghanistan after massive earthquake
A massive earthquake struck Monday morning northeastern Afghanistan. Danish aid organization is present in the area and preliminary reports tell of collapsed schools.
Last week Mission East distributed relief items to families who have fled the fighting in Northern Afghanistan.
Mission East has distributed hygiene kits and installed latrines in IDP camp near Taloqan and Faizabad to prevent infectious diseases.
Man Kaji viser sit ødelagte hus, da han bærer nødhjælpen hjem.Man Kaji shows his destroyed house as he carries the emergency aid home.
  In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes, the elderly and people with disabilities are some of the most vulnerable. Man Kaji and Maili Maya are some of the beneficiaries of Mission East’s relief efforts. The rebuilding commences after the monsoon.
“We were 70 people in total, and only nine of us survived. Those of us who survived were the ones who lay under the bodies without moving for two hours while we waited for the ISIS warriors to leave,” said Khalef, who in the featured photo is receiving emergency supplies from Kim Hartzner in February 2015.
A year ago, the Yazidi religious minority in Iraq suffered violent attacks from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).
Sapna and Bhawani in front of scattered house
15-year old Sapna lost four cousins in the earthquake and the family’s house was completely destroyed. The family now lives in a tent in the schoolyard with no source of income.
12.000 Nepalese received help. Photo: Guido Dingeman
Nepal’s population stay in open air during night fearing new shocks after another severe earthquake hit Nepal Tuesday. Mission East provides shelter and clean drinking water.
Mission East will protect 30,000 victims of earthquake from diseases
Mission East distributes tarpaulins and hygiene kits to about 7,000 families close to the earthquake’s epicenter in Nepal. Volunteers help the most vulnerable putting up tents, and staff advises on hygiene issues.
Widows must not be forgotten in relief aid
Mission East works on helping the most vulnerable groups in society. Ujjali aged 84 is one of them.
Mission East distribution
On Saturday 2nd of May, Mission East distributed tarpaulins and hygiene kits to earthquake victims in four villages close to one of the earthquake’s epicenters northeast of Kathmandu. The gratitude was moving, says Mission East employee.
Driven out by IS to northern Iraq
On April 24, we commemorate the massacre of 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children 100 years ago. The date should shake us awake, so we act against the genocide in Syria and Iraq currently, says Kim Hartzner from Mission East
Meriam Joe at only 17 years of age broke her arm after the cyclone
After emergency relief was provided for the cyclone affected Vanuatu Islands, the fields belonging to the population will be planted with fast-growing crops to prevent a famine.
Humla and Mugu are two of the most remote and impoverished districts in Nepal. Humla is only accessible by air and Mugu by just a seasonal road connection.