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Nepalise mountain kids
Being close to the people we help is part of the vision of Mission East. Our newly-opened office in Nepal will help us taking care of our assistance to the extremely poor population in the mountainous north of the country.  
Portrait of Benny Werge
53-year-old Benny Werge from Sorø in Denmark is new Country Director for Mission East’s biggest country programme, Afghanistan.
Disabled children perform theater
The Cultural House in Armavir, Armenia, was filled with joy and happy faces on the 3rd of December. Disabled children linked to the Mission East project "A Healthy Start" had been invited to the theatre on the International Day of Disabled Persons.
Ahmad Khan with his children and beehive
Both Sohaila Khan, 25, and Maa Begum, 50, lived in extreme poverty in northern Afghanistan. It was a constant struggle to feed themselves and their children. "There was no light at the end of the tunnel," says Sohaila.Until July 2006.  
Children sitting at tables
The winter cold will soon be coming to Afghanistan. To a lot of schoolchildren, temperatures below 10 degrees means daily discomfort and the risk of getting seriously ill. They have to sit on the cold floor for several hours during classes.  
man on road in Afghanistan
Afghanistan has dropped one place in a UN study that ranks the population’s development in 178 countries worldwide. "Human Development Index" is based on values like income, life expectancy and literacy.
On October 3rd, Mission East, our local partner organisation Nur and the community of Metsamor in western Armenia held the opening of the area’s first children’s clubroom.
Child in wheelchair in Armenia
Two of the leaders of the disability movement in Denmark recently visited Mission East in Armenia.
Opening of the new centre
The opening ceremony of the first ever Child Assessment Centre in Armenia was held on September 18th with the participation of Mission East and representatives from several ministries and local authorities.  
Emergency help reaches Tadjikistan
From emergency food aid to long-term development. In the autumn 2007 Mission East had been in Tajikistan for ten years. 
Mixed Pickle
The bags with dried squash, apricot, chilli and other products are all decorated with the Danish flag. A sticker tells people that the products are "Produced by a group of women from Baharak".
Boy drinking water
It was a deeply touched Vice Managing Director who returned from a visit to Mission East’s projects in Afghanistan in July. Here Peter Samuelsen tells us more about his visit, and his encounter with a thirsty little boy.  
Happy children in Nepal
During the next year and a half, Mission East will help sustainably improve the food situation for 5,000 people in northern Nepal.
Parents conference
On July 27, more than 50 parents of disabled children from seven Marzes of Armenia gathered for a conference titled 'Parents to Parents'.
Village children
Imagine sharing a doctor with 40,000 other people. And imagine having to walk several days on narrow paths across mountains and unsafe bridges to reach him.  
Group session in Nepal
The AEC Foundation has provided Mission East with funding for vital development activities in the remote, mountainous Soru Belt area of Nepal.  
Emma and Laila Gevorkjan
Right now the Danish TV viewers are able to watch a new documentary about Mission East in Armenia.
About 80 supporters attended Mission East’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Whit Monday to hear about the results of Mission East’s work in 2006. Speakers included Managing Director Kim Hartzner who explained Mission East’s work for disabled children in Armenia.
For the last four years Mission East has been changing the way that children with learning difficulties experience education in Armenia. Now a new grant will enable this work to be consolidated.  
Map being hung up on the wall of a house
Mission East and Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding forming a strategic partnership in disaster risk reduction activities in Tajikistan.