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Mission East is sending a team to Pakistan in order to determine the specific emergency needs that we can address and to discuss with local communities how we can work together for early recovery response – especially in rebuilding and securing livelihoods for the future.  
Young people weaving carpets
In Armenia, where for decades disability has been associated with shame and secrecy, some youth with disabilities are finding their way out of isolation and into the labour market.
Padam together with the village men.
It is amazing what a few bags of cement can accomplish in the mountains of Nepal. Hear how they have changed the lives of hundreds of people in the impoverished village of Kalika.
Kim Hartzner signs papers
From among 21 potential organisations, Mission East has been chosen to lead NGOs in Armenia in their fight against AIDS.
Kim Hartzner examining Sveta.
Kim Hartzner, Mission East’s Managing Director, will turn 50-years-old on April 21st.   To celebrate, a reception will be held at: Havarthigaarden Havarthivej 6 i Holte From 1pm to 5.30 pm.
Noor Mohammad together with his son.
Noor Mohammad could not help laughing to himself when he heard that Mission East wanted to produce energy from cow dung.  
Afghan beekeeper showing off hive
Excellent results with a beekeeping project in the Afghan province of Takhar encourages Mission East to take a step further to help its 50 apiculture beneficiaries create a business enterprise. By Namik Heydarov, Province Manager, Takhar Province
Bhumika with her note pad
"My name is Bhumika. I am 10 years old.
Woman on path in the Karnali region in Nepal
Mission East’s new Country Representative in Nepal, Alessandra Radaelli, has earlier this year visited the Karnali Zone in Nepal where Mission East started new projects in 2007 to help the poor mountain population.  
Portrait of Indahara Shahi
For families in the poorest mountain area of Nepal a lot of time is spent fetching water - time that could have been spent in the field working on producing a better yield
Kim Hartzner listening to Arman´s heart
"I’m more enthusiastic than ever about this work," says Mission East’s Managing Director, Kim Hartzner, who has lived in Armenia for the past two years. Now, he and his family are returning home to Denmark.
Nepali village
Mission East’s new Country Representative in Nepal, Alessandra Radaelli, has earlier this year visited the Karnali Zone in Nepal where Mission East started new projects in 2007 to help the poor mountain population.  
Nepalise mountain kids
Being close to the people we help is part of the vision of Mission East. Our newly-opened office in Nepal will help us taking care of our assistance to the extremely poor population in the mountainous north of the country.  
Portrait of Benny Werge
53-year-old Benny Werge from Sorø in Denmark is new Country Director for Mission East’s biggest country programme, Afghanistan.
Disabled children perform theater
The Cultural House in Armavir, Armenia, was filled with joy and happy faces on the 3rd of December. Disabled children linked to the Mission East project "A Healthy Start" had been invited to the theatre on the International Day of Disabled Persons.
Ahmad Khan with his children and beehive
Both Sohaila Khan, 25, and Maa Begum, 50, lived in extreme poverty in northern Afghanistan. It was a constant struggle to feed themselves and their children. "There was no light at the end of the tunnel," says Sohaila.Until July 2006.  
Children sitting at tables
The winter cold will soon be coming to Afghanistan. To a lot of schoolchildren, temperatures below 10 degrees means daily discomfort and the risk of getting seriously ill. They have to sit on the cold floor for several hours during classes.  
man on road in Afghanistan
Afghanistan has dropped one place in a UN study that ranks the population’s development in 178 countries worldwide. "Human Development Index" is based on values like income, life expectancy and literacy.
On October 3rd, Mission East, our local partner organisation Nur and the community of Metsamor in western Armenia held the opening of the area’s first children’s clubroom.
Opening of the new centre
The opening ceremony of the first ever Child Assessment Centre in Armenia was held on September 18th with the participation of Mission East and representatives from several ministries and local authorities.