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Orphans receive blankets
Mission East has once more given out winter help to the displaced people of Northern Iraq who are escaping from Islamic State. Secretary General, Kim Hartzner says “The displaced people are shaken, and their gratitude is touching”.
Helping the persecuted in Iraq
”I have experienced almost more than I can cope with. But it was also encouraging to see that our assistance reaches those in need.” tells Kim Hartzner, Managing Director of Mission East, after his visit in northern Iraq in fall 2014.
Vera van Ek is specialist in the inclusion of persons with disabilities.
Unwanted and hidden, denied access to education and unable to go outside of the four walls of their home. For people with disabilities, there are many barriers to overcome, both physical, as well as barriers that exist in the minds of other people.
Funding from Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides winter aid
With the funding from Mission East’s Humanitarian Partnership Agreement with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish aid organisation now has the opportunity to help 12,000 Iraqi internal displaced persons who would otherwise be left without aid during the winter.
Many of the displaced live in improvised camps outside of the official UN system
While the fighting in northern Iraq and Syria continues, the Danish organisation, Mission East, intensifies relief efforts as winter nears in the Dohuk region of northern Iraq.
Internally displaced in Northern Iraq. (Photo by Mission East)
The Danish emergency organisation Mission East has established a team of emergency aid experts on the ground in Northern Iraq which is currently witnessing one the largest humanitarian crises in the world. The team will secure clean water, food and shelter for internally displaced Christi
Zarifah has seen how hygiene has improved her children's health
When Zarifah had to flee her village, there was no money for medicine and doctor’s visits when the children were sick. Mission East gave her a chance to improve her own and her family's health.
Dost Mohammad and Golshihra from Afghanistan.
When Dost Mohammad first heard about Mission East gardening project for women, he was against letting his wife Golshihra participate.  Now the kitchen garden is the family's pride.
Mission East Annual Report 2013
2013 marked the inclusion of new groups of beneficiaries in current and new geographies, as well as the establishing of Mission East in neighbouring Germany.
Mission East is collecting funds to help the refugees from the Christian Armenian town Kessab in Syria. All 3,500 residents have been displaced from the historical town. The inhabitants are now facing a very uncertain life as refugees or as internally displaced individuals in the war-torn country.
Playground for children with disabilities
One of Tajikistan's first playgrounds with focus on accessibility for children with disability is now finished, next to Mission East’s center for these children.  
The Mara people struggle with poverty and isolation in the rugged mountain region of northwest Burma. Until the visit of Mission East field workers in February 2013, only two other Europeans had visited this area since 1938!
In the Takhar province in Afghanistan, Mission East has constructed 110 km of gravel road, connecting villages in two of the area’s most inaccessible districts, with the province's capital, Taloqan.
Children, flood, Karnali, Nepal
In India and Nepal, severe flooding has already cost more than a hundred lives, and more people have been reported missing. In Nepal, Mission East is in the process of getting food aid to the victims in the remote mountainous region of Karnali.  
2012 marked exciting new developments in the work of Mission East, both in our project countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, and at home in Denmark.
It isn’t easy to find your way if you are blind, especially when living in an inaccessible area like the mountains of Western Nepal. Simple things like going to the toilet or fetching clean water become an enormous challenge.  
Access to credit: Due to her situation, Sayeed was invited to participate when Mission East, in cooperation with local village councils, organized training for kitchen gardening. "I learned a lot about farming, sales and a healthy diet for children," Sayeed says.
Despite her disability, Ruzimoh is a very fast learner. Her parents realized that when a children’s corner was established in their village.
The Mara people struggle with poverty and isolation in the rugged mountain region of northwest Burma. Until the visit of Mission East field workers in February 2013, only two other Europeans had visited this area since 1938!