New project will benefit farmers and people with disabilities in Tajikistan | Mission East

New project will benefit farmers and people with disabilities in Tajikistan

This February, Mission East started a new project, the main objective of which is to improve life for poor villagers in Tajikistan. 38,000 people will benefit from the help that includes agricultural training and support to women’s enterprise.
The purpose of the project in Tajikistan is to make the villagers self sufficient by growing their own food or through other forms of livelihood which bring in enough income to cover the basics of life, including food,clothes, medicine and schooling.

At the same time, the project will address the issue of stigmatization of disability, with a direct impact on 800 disabled children and their families in the project area. Being disabled is still considered shameful, and disabled persons are often subject to discrimination.

Besides trying to change the country’s attitude towards the disabled in Tajikistan, Mission East and local partners will support the establishment of a day care centre to assist families in the care of their disabled children.

Armenia experiences as stepping stone
Mission East has several years of experience in working for the rights of the disabled in another Soviet republic, Armenia. In Armenia, parents are still hiding their disabled children at home. These children don’t get the care and education they deserve. On top of that, a lot of doctors don’t have enough training to give the children the right diagnosis or treatment, which means that the children can suffer for the rest of their lives.

Mission East’s work in Armenia, where Managing Director Kim Hartzner has been living since the summer of 2006, has led to improvements in the education of disabled children, and their access to healthcare. We hope that we can soon be making a difference too for the disabled children of Tajikistan.

This project is funded by the European Union via the EuropeAid External Cooperation Office.