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Learning to live again

23-year-old Mateiciuc Ioan had no choice but to go to the mine from an early age to earn his living and to support his parents and four brothers.

One day, he had to repair something on a truck serving the mine. The truck was propped up on a piece of stone and a log. Mateiciuc was working underneath. It all happened so quickly. Without knowing or even imagining that somebody could be under the truck, one of his workmates moved the wooden log. In a flash, the truck dropped. Mateiciuc’s body was trapped half under the truck, breaking his pelvis. His piercing scream horrified his mate so much that he instantly fell unconscious. Mateiciuc yelled for another half hour before somebody heard him. When a team of his colleagues gathered, having finally heard his cries, they found two people on the ground. One caught under the truck, and the other one dead from a heart attack.

On the brink of suicide
Six years of surgical operations and physiotherapy followed. The investigations at the company Mateiciuc worked for concluded that he was responsible for not obeying the safety regulations, so he received no financial support. He found himself, a young 23- year-old man, alone without money, with a poor family who could not support his physical disability. Desperation overwhelmed him. Mateiciuc was on the brink of suicide. But he wouldn’t let the pain get the better of him. As time passed he taught himself to walk with crutches, throwing his legs forward. With the help of some friends he managed to build a house for his new family.

Full of joy despite the situation
Today, Mateiciuc is 42 years old. 15 years ago, he married Ana who suffers from arthritis in both legs. Together they have six children, between the ages of 1 and 13. Due to the atrophy of his muscles in his lower body, the wounds are so deep that the bone can be seen. These could not be healed or treated except for at the plastic surgery section of the Clinical Hospital in the town of Cluj. Marius Rotar from Solia Speranţei, Mission East’s local partner in Romania, is a trained doctor and has helped Mateiciuc to get treatment. He has been involved in all the arrangements related to the treatment at the hospital. "It is so amazing to see a man in this situation and with all the problems that he has being so full of joy and hope in life." Besides the medical care, Mission East and Solia Speranţei are also providing the family with food parcels to help them survive.

By Felicia Rotar, Solia Sperantei, Mission East' partner in Romania