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Help arrived at the exact moment Olga needed it

Olga used to live in a one room house with her eight children. She did not have a job and her husband could not endure their poverty and left her for another woman with a better economic situation. Olga’s story is a story about help that arrives when it is needed the most.

37-year-old Olga lived in a small one room house with her husband and eight children. The house was not heated. In summer time that was fine because the family was outside all the time. But the winter was a disaster. They improvised a stove with the material they had.

Each day they had to collect wood from the village to make a little warmth in the room. Very often, the children had to go to bed hungry because their parents could not afford to buy food. Olga’s husband worked as a shepherd. Because he was away from home most of the time, Olga had to stay at the house and look after the children instead of finding work.

"I knew that I was not alone anymore"
One day Olga’s husband left her, saying that he could not endure the difficult situation anymore. He found a woman who was better off financially. Olga’s world fell apart. Every day was a challenge for survival. The girls tried to encourage her and spent a lot of time in the village looking for work. One of the girls had to travel to Spain to find work so she could send money home to support the family. In that desperate time Solia Sperant¸ei, Mission East’s partner in Romania, heard about the family. They made sure that Olga and her daughters were given monthly parcels with medicine and food. 
"It was unbelievable to see Solia Sperant¸ei coming with things that I needed exactly at the point of my life when I needed it the most. Since that time I knew that I was not alone anymore. A hope came in to my life and since thenI have been able to face all of my problems," Olga says and adds, "And they are not few."

A decent place to live
After eight months, Olga’s husband, Sabin, returned and asked her for forgiveness. Through Solia Sperant¸ei, Mission East has been able to help the family get on their feet and help themselves to be able to afford a decent place to live. They bought a house and are renting one hectare land on which the children aged 10 to 19 help Olga grow vegetables. Sabin has got a job in the forest. 
"We are very pleased with all we have now and we give thanks to all the people who have helped support us financially, materially and spiritually. Without them we could not face life."