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Pakistan team goes the extra mile

This boy and his family did not even had mattresses to sleep on.

Poverty is so profound in Pakistan's Swat Valley that staff from Mission East's partner organisation resorted to contributing from their own pockets during a recent distribution of aid.

“I particularly remember one family when I was in Swat Valley last week,” says Nauman Shah, who is the Executive Director of the NGO which Mission East partners with in Pakistan.

”Both children had problems with their joints, and the mother’s disability prevented her from working. There was no one to provide an income. With support from Mission East we gave them a goat and feed among other things, so they can slowly start to build up a life again.”
But seeing the children in their misery, so dirty and still affected by the tragic floods last year, Nauman wanted to do more for the family.

“When I asked them about clothes and soap, they said they didn’t have any. They didn’t even have mattresses to sleep on. My colleagues and I reached down into our own pockets and gathered some money so they could buy two mattresses for the children,” says Nauman.
“We complain about the things we have been given, but seeing them made me thank God for his blessings to me and my family.”

Bridges and roads washed away
A year after the floods, which affected nearly 20 million people, those who live in the Swat Valley are still suffering. Bridges and roads have washed away and it is difficult to reach the area with help. There is a need for cows, goats and seeds to help restore agriculture. Schools need to be rebuilt. There are almost no health clinics. And the children need extensive help to recover from their traumas.
Mission East and our partner organisation continue to help the desperate population in one of Pakistan’s least accessible areas.