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Nyt center skal lindre børns krigstraumer i Mosul

12-årige Rufaa kom ikke i skole i de tre år, da Islamisk Stat terroriserede Mosul. Det er børn som hende, der vil få glæde af Mission Østs nye børnecenter i Mosul. Foto: Mission Øst

Danmarks Indsamling på lørdag går blandt andet til, at Mission Øst kan oprette et center for børn i den irakiske by Mosul, hvor Islamisk Stat forhindrede piger som Rufaa i at gå i skole.

From illiteracy to local politics

Lalparu Sunar gives a speech on women’s rights: Photo: Tara Chand

Lalparu Sunar grew up in a poor family in the remote Karnali region. She was unable to read and write. After her participation in a literacy group for women she had the courage to run for local office - and was elected.

By Asha Budha Magar, Mission Øst Nepal, September 2017

A young woman in the emergency frontline

Rozh Ahmed during an emergency relief distribution in a village near Mosul. Photo: Mission East

Rozh Ahmed, 25, was the only female member of Mission East’s emergency response team as it started relief distributions in Mosul in late 2016. The experience has been tough and educational for her.

By Kim Wiesener, Communication manager, October 2017


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