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Meeting critical needs in the expanding IDP crisis in northern Iraq

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Project Background: 

Project Background:

As the conflict in Iraq goes on, a complex situation of displacements and returns is expected to continue throughout 2017.  In some areas, new waves of displacement will result in families needing shelter and basic items of assistance, as well as psychosocial support. Households already displaced and living in temporary or interim shelter (both in formal camps and in non-camp settings) require ongoing help, including to survive the extremes of weather in winter / summer. Where people are able to return to their former homes, assistance is needed to restore basic services, for example water supply.

Project Aims: 

Project Aims:

The project’s overall aim is to address critical and ongoing physical needs and protection concerns people affected by conflict-induced displacement in northern Iraq.  

Specific objectives are 1) to address basic NFI, shelter and water needs of those affected by immediate or protracted displacement and increase coping capacity for conflict-affected population and 2) To deliver protection-related services to conflict-affected population, with emphasis on overcoming psychosocial challenges (specific focus on children, youth and their families).  

The project is designed to meet emerging critical needs in a changing displacement context, and to alleviate the impact of the displacement crisis and conflict damage on IDPs, host communities and returnees


Project activities include i) the timely distribution of emergency shelter/ non-food items to people affected by displacement in a variety of locations   ii) support for shelter rehabilitation  iii) renovation of drinking water supply in conflict-damaged areas  iv) provision of psychosocial support, learning and recreation opportunities via Community Centres and Family Protection Units.


Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ninewa, Kirkuk and Dohuk Governorates

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Mission East is distributing aid near Mosul frontline

Blankets and mattresses are given to the displaced who now have to stay in private homes, each housing up to four families. Photo: Ben Granby

20 January 2017

The Dane Knud Andersen and his Mission East team have distributed emergency aid to 9,000 displaced people in and around Mosul. “We are close to the frontline and can hear planes and artillery above us,” he said.

Kom ind i maskinrummet før nødhjælpen deles ud i Mosul

Danske Knud Andersen leder Mission Østs hjælpeindsasts i Mosul og Nordirak.

6. februar 2017

Mission Østs nødhjælpskoordinator Knud Andersen fortæller, hvad der skal til for, at man kan dele tæpper, madrasser og overlevelsespakker ud til nødlidende familier i Mosul uden at komme for tæt på kampene, og uden at der opstår tumulter blandt overlevende, som har mistet alt.


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