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Living Together, Learning Together: A Child’s Right To Quality Inclusive Education. Phase 2. Replication of an inclusive education model in Yerevan

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This 24-months project aims to strengthen the right of children with disability to quality inclusive education in Armenia. The project builds on the remarkable results achieved by local partner Bridge of Hope with the support of Mission East during a first phase of a Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded programme: “Living Together, Learning Together: A Child’s Right To Community-Based Inclusive Education in Tavush”, from 2009 to 2011. It also builds on the results from the running inclusive education project supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Living Together, Learning Together: A Child’s Right To Community-Based Inclusive Education, consolidating earlier results in Tavush. Both projects laid the groundwork for the model of a comprehensive approach to inclusive education, which can be expanded from the regional level to the national level in the future. But in order to replicate this model nationally – providing a universal inclusive education system in Armenia - there is a need to replicate and adjust the model for the specific urban context of the capital city, Yerevan. The latter is done in this project.

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Overall, this project aims to secure the right of children with disabilities and special needs in education, to quality inclusive education in Armenia. Immediate Objective 1. By the end of the project, the right of CWD/SNE to quality inclusive education is enhanced in 65 Yerevan schools.

Immediate Objective 2.By the end of the project, empowered Parent Support Groups in 65 Yerevan schools act as strong civil society actors advancing the rights of their children to inclusive quality education; Immediate Objective 3.By the end of the project, a strong and empowered Civil Society promotes the model of Universal Inclusive System of Education (UISE) for replication in other Marzes of Armenia.


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Mission Øst hjælper fordrevne yezidier med at genetablere sig i Sinjar

Hassans butik er totalt vandaliseret af IS. Nu får han byggematerialer og hjælp til arbejdsløn, så han kan åbne butikken igen.

Tre år efter Islamisk Stat fordrev det yezidiske mindretal, myrdede mænd, voldtog kvinder og bortførte unge piger som sexslaver, vender yezidierne nu tilbage til området og byen Sinjar, hvor Mission Øst hjælper dem med at opbygge en tilværelse på ny.

”I have never seen anything this vulnerable in my entire life”

“We know very well that there is war and conflict, and that the human costs are high, especially among civilians. But witnessing this at close hand and seeing how all of Northern Iraq is affected by war – that is a different matter,” Christina Egelund says about her trip to Iraq in March.

Seeing the distress of displaced Iraqi families made a strong impression on Danish parliamentarian Christina Egelund. She witnessed Mission East staff deliver emergency aid near Mosul and Kirkuk with dignity and respect for the displaced families.

By Svend Løbner, journalist


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