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”I have never seen anything this vulnerable in my entire life”

“We know very well that there is war and conflict, and that the human costs are high, especially among civilians. But witnessing this at close hand and seeing how all of Northern Iraq is affected by war – that is a different matter,” Christina Egelund says about her trip to Iraq in March.

Seeing the distress of displaced Iraqi families made a strong impression on Danish parliamentarian Christina Egelund. She witnessed Mission East staff deliver emergency aid near Mosul and Kirkuk with dignity and respect for the displaced families.

By Svend Løbner, journalist

Mission Øst hjælper Mosuls befriede befolkning

Hundredtusinder af Mosuls indbyggere er fordrevet på grund af de voldsomme kampe. Denne mand venter på at få hjælp. Foto: Knud Andersen/Mission Øst

Mission Øst står klar til at yde livsvigtig hjælp til Mosuls indbyggere, hvis trængsler langtfra er forbi – til trods for befrielsen fra Islamisk Stat.

How do you avoid disasters?

Mission East is training local communities in how to handle disasters. In this photograph, local villagers are trained in search and rescue work. Photo: Bibek Karki

Mission East saves lives in Nepal – now and many years ahead – by training the population to reduce the risk of disasters. Lizz Harrison, an expert in disaster risk reduction, and explains how.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer, July 3 2017


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