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Tadsjikistans glemte børn bliver fundet - december 2012

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Det er ikke kun i Armenien, men også i Tadsjikistan, at mange skammer sig over børnene med handicap. Mission Øst går fra dør til dør i Tadsjikistan og finder de gemte børn, får dem diagnosticerede og skaffer dem lægehjælp. Læs historierne om Istammurodi og Firuza, som har fået deres liv forvandlede. Du kan også læse om ofrene for sommerens oversvømmelser i Nordkorea.

Film: Børn på nordkoreanske børnehjem

Nogle af de mest udsatte børn i Nordkorea er børnene på børnehjem.

Adaptive Livelihood in Action: a civil society initiative to advocate for mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction into development initiatives in Karnali

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Project Status: 
Project Background: 

Project Background:

Nepal is highly prone to natural disasters and the adverse effect of climate change. In remote and mountainous areas, disasters from these hazards are usually of too small a scale to draw government attention and attract dedicated funding for disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation. But the frequency of such disasters is high, communities are extremely vulnerable and its accumulation at the level of a district is a serious threat to development initiatives.

The project proposes to address such “hidden disasters” by mainstreaming elements of disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into district and community development initiatives and to advocate for such action in what we are calling an Adaptive Livelihood approach.

The project aim is to support 100 Civil Society Organisations in 3 districts of the remote mountainous Karnali region in: a) learning to adapt their actions to climate change and natural hazards and b) advocacy to Local Government for Adaptive Livelihood Action into district development planning.


Project Aims: 

Project Aims:

Overall development objective: To sustain community development initiatives in the face of the adverse effects of disasters and climate change in Karnali.

  1. Advocacy Objective: Civil Society Organizations can advocate for inclusive mainstreaming of DRR & CCA in district development plans.
  2. Thematic competencyObjective: Local government and CSOs have their skills enhanced to better mitigate the adverse effects of natural hazards and climate change within their development initiatives.
  3. Organizational capacity Objective: KIRDARC has increased their institutional capacity to mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaption into their projects portfolio and to advocate for it at national level.


Project Action:

The implementation of the project will include trainings for CBOs, LNGOs and media on: advocacy for Adaptive Livelihood Action (ALA); DRR & CCA advocacy and a specific training module on Disaster Risk Reduction and inclusion (targeting women, Dalit, people with disability).

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