Nepal Situation Report 6: Earthquake Emergency Response | Mission East

Nepal Situation Report 6: Earthquake Emergency Response

A nepalese member of parliament praise Mission East and Medair for their relief effort.

Six weeks after the first earthquake hit Nepal, Mission East reached 15.000 people with relief aid. Exactly 4.129 families have received shelter and hygiene kits in five village districts. Mission East works together with Medair in the relief effort.

In a press release following the “Situation report 6 – NEPAL”, the two partners report, that they quickly joined together to bring life-saving relief despite significant logistical challenges. They trekked into mountainous Sindhupalchowk district, the most severely damaged region in Nepal, where they distributed emergency shelter kits and essential household items to people in villages that were previously unreached.

The government has reported a total of 505,745 houses destroyed and 279,330 damaged by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April and the 7.3 quake on 12 May. The earthquakes killed 8,702 people and injured thousands.

Mission East and Medair hasted to help the many victims and have now reached 4,129 household, comprising of approximately 15.000 people.

With continued support, Mission East and Medair aim to reach nearly 50,000 vulnerable people with shelter, safe water and hygiene support.

A member of the Nepalese parliament praises the work of Mission East and Medair 

“We are very satisfied with how Medair is collaborating with Mission East. It’s also very encouraging for our people to see that other people are helping them from all over the world”, says Sher Bahadur Tamang, Member of Parliament for Sindhupalchowk. “Now it is rescue and relief, and hopefully we can soon go to phase two: recovery”.