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Tajikistan: disasters and children with disabilities

Tajikistam map Mission EastHelp to children with disabilities

One particular group of people, who are especially vulnerable to the effects of poverty in the rural areas of Tajikistan where Mission East works, is people with disabilities. Mission East has undertaken to help children with disabilities in rural areas get access to rehabilitation services, and provides support for parents to better help their children and stand up for the rights of their children.

Preparation for disasters

Another niche area for Mission East in Tajikistan, is protecting lives, livelihoods and community assets from natural disasters in a context where floods, earthquakes and landslides are prevalent and increasingly frequent. The poor are most likely to suffer the most from these calamities, and in remote rural areas, have the least access to support to help them recover. Helping communities to reduce the potential impact of disasters and be better prepared to respond when disasters strike is therefore a primary focus for Mission East in Tajikistan, where we work with local volunteers, government entities and the private sector to improve disaster preparedness together.
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