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Playground for children with disabilities
One of Tajikistan's first playgrounds with focus on accessibility for children with disability is now finished, next to Mission East’s center for these children.   The playground, which is sponsored by the British Embassy in Tajikistan, will provide new social opportunities for approximately 200 children every month, when they visit Mission East’s center in Penjakent.   "We have selected each part based on what we think would be fun to play with, but we have looked at how the playground can be part of the therapy at the center. Last but not least, the playground is designed with ramps, belts...

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Since 1997, when Mission East began working in Tajikistan, the country has moved from a critical state of civil war, in desperate need of emergency distributions of food, to one of relative stability, but in need of long-term assistance.

Despite a small improvement in living conditions, an estimated 60 percent of the total population still lives below the national poverty line.

Important sustainable development

Mission East's strategy in Tajikistan focuses on improving livelihoods for vulnerable households and communities, with a particular emphasis on community mobilization and community management of the solutions to the problems they face. Current programming focuses on the strengthening of civil society structures – both local organisations as well as grassroots initiatives like women’s groups or groups of parents of children with disabilities, to ensure self-management and sustainability.

Mission East has undertaken a variety of initiatives to help communities address poverty issues in a holistic and integrated way. As a few examples, these activities have included: support to small-scale agriculture, establishment of farmers' cooperatives, enabling new income generation opportunities, construction of clean water systems, promotion of hygiene behaviour change, improving household energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources.

Disasters and children with disabilities

During the first years after the civil war Mission East distributed emergency relief in Tajikistan, but soon started to help people rebuild agriculture. This is a seed distribution in 2005. Photo: Mission East

When Mission East started distributing food to thousands of people in Tajikistan, the country was still ravaged by civil war. Later, the population got help to feed itself. And now, 20 years later, Mission East is working on projects involving water, sanitation and hygiene, assistance to persons with disabilities and the defense of girls’ and women’s rights.

Brochure on Mission East Tajikistan

Mission East’s operation in Tajikistan is characterised by expertise, commitment and experience. We focus on creating an inclusive society, building communities’ resilience and by being an accountable partner for development cooperation. In this publication you can read more about our work in with disability inclusion, WASH and DRR in this Central Asian republic. 

The siren will warn the village in case of flooding. Husseinboy carefully demonstrates how it works. Photo: Line Højland

Read how people in the Tajik village of Veshist cope with the floods that strike them every year.

By Line Højland, Communcations Officer, July 3 2017 

A small Tajik boy with a disability is stimulated in one of the ’play corners’ that Mission East has founded in the impoverished country in Central Asia. Photo: Muyassar Odinaev

‘Defective humans’ – this is how people with disabilities were perceived in the Soviet Union. This attitude still exists in Tajikistan, the poorest of the former Soviet republics, but Mission East is working to change it.

By Line Højland and Kim Wiesener, Communications Officers