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Kim Hartzner: Hungry Children in North Korea

North Korean children at an orphanage in Haeju.

Managing Director Kim Hartzner, has returned from a disturbing trip to North Korea. Read his story here: 


"I have just returned from a very dramatic trip to North Korea (July 2012). Even though this year, the supplies of rice from the last harvest have lasted up until June, several store rooms for rice are now empty, and the outlook for the coming months is dark, especially after a period of 2½ months without rain.

Read more about the food security situation in North Korea here


I was in North Korea with a colleague in order to monitor the distribution of food supplements from Mission East to 20,000 children and 1,500 pregnant women in the South Hwanghae province in south-western North Korea. 721 of these children lived in three orphanages in the provincial capital of Haeju, and here I saw the worst I have ever seen.

See the short movie of children at the orphanages in North Korea here. 

Please have a look at the pictures and the text and share this with others so we can stand together in support of these children."

See more photos from North Korea here 

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