Ambassador | Mission East


Mikael Jarnvig

“The joy of giving is strongly undervalued in today’s Denmark. We can’t wait for the world to become more just by it’s own means. We have to do something ourselves to fight injustice,“ says Mikael Jarnvig who works as a meteorologist for national Danish television.

Mikael Jarnvig is ambassador of Mission East, because he wants to highlight those crises in Eastern Europe and Asia, which only rarely reach the media.
“Mission East value the individual who needs support right here and right now. At the same time the organization supports the authorities in order to improve their capacity to take better care of the vulnerable. That is truly amazing,” Mikael Jarnvig says and elaborates:
“Mission East is working on improving lives in the long haul among the world’s most vulnerable. That has inspired me to do something actively for those hundreds of thousands of people who every year see their lives improved with the help of Danish supporters. It is not enough to fill empty stomachs today if it means that the very same people go to bed hungry again tomorrow.”
Mikael Jarnvig himself has visited several of Mission East’s projects. The first visit was to Armenia where children with disabilities and socially vulnerable children now receive education and medical treatment. Most recently he participated in the distribution of food aid to children in North Korea.