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How it all began

How it all started

Mission East was founded in 1991 by Rene Hartzner and his son Dr. Kim Hartzner. Rene Hartzner had travelled extensively in Eastern Europe under Communist rule and had seen at first hand the difficult conditions under which some people – especially Christians – were living. This had such an impact on Rene Hartzner that he felt the need to do something.

Kim Hartzner heard his father talk about his Eastern Europe experience and felt the same conviction to help. In 1991, Rene and Kim started the organisation ‘Mission East’ – with aim of providing aid to Eastern Europe.
The organisation has grown from these beginnings and its interventions have spread far beyond its original Eastern European focus to countries such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Nepal and North Korea.

Rene Hartzner has since retired, but Kim Hartzner remains as the organisation's Managing Director.