Kim Hartzner: "A stitch in time saves nine" | Mission East

Kim Hartzner: "A stitch in time saves nine"

Kim Hartzner, managing director, Mission East.

"It is a normal human response to help when we see the huge devastation that results when a tsunami, drought, earthquake or flood strikes. But this devastation can be minimized by prevention measures.
So if small amounts of money can make a big difference through prevention, why do we wait until disaster strikes before we act with empathy and generosity?
In a quote for the news agency Reuters, the EU Commissioner for humanitarian aid, Kristalina Georgieva, suggests that prevention is simply not as quick to grab your attention.
The World Bank estimates that it costs seven times more to respond with emergency aid – when, for example, floods force people to flee from their homes in Asia – than it costs to prevent the consequences of the disaster before it occurs. If we work on preventing the devastation that disaster can cause as we work to help those who are most vulnerable, then we can make a bigger difference with our resources.
It is for this reason that Mission East helps communities build protection walls and earthquake-proof houses, teaches villagers that cutting down trees will increase the risk of landslides, and helps them to form their own rescue teams.
For more than a decade Mission East has deliberately ensured that disaster risk reduction plays an increasingly important role in our projects.
And we will continue this focus on prevention.
Through prevention, we can make a lasting difference with your support."