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Tajik-Afghan cross-border exchange for improved community-based disaster risk reduction

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To contribute to a reduction in the vulnerability of poverty-stricken and disaster-prone communities in the Takhar Province of Afghanistan by building up community-based strategies to better prepare for, mitigate and respond to natural disasters through the sharing of successful approaches from neighbouring Khatlon Oblast in Tajikistan.

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Both Afghanistan and Tajikistan are commonly afflicted by natural disasters, from floods to earthquakes, with the impact falling more heavily on rural populations. Tajikistan has, in the recent past, focused on ensuring that disaster risk reduction (DRR), management (DRM) and awareness is a national priority, and the donor community has supported this, from the national to the village level. This focus has enabled substantive infrastructure and experience at the community level which can provide an effective model for communities in Takhar Province in Afghanistan.
Takhar has experienced numerous natural disasters, causing more than 50 deaths in 2010. Though there has been some DRM work on the provincial level, work at the community level is minimal. Certainly the notion of civil society participation and good governance are key elements in the development of DRR in local communities in Chahab District, and cross border cooperation provides an opportunity for Tajikistan to share its learning in developing these capacities.
Through this project, communities in Takhar will begin to consider their own potential to engage in DRM, and develop their capacity to build up grass-roots community-based DRM structures, as they observe, dialogue with, and learn from communities in Khatlon Oblast of Tajikistan who have already successfully established these structures and are carrying out DRM activities. DRR is vital to these communities as they work to address similar threats to their livelihoods, their assets and their communities on either side of the border and protect themselves from further intensification of their situations of poverty due to disaster. 


The project activities will help to develop the capacity of disaster-prone communities in Afghanistan to begin their own community-based disaster risk management initiatives. Through exchange of experience, neighbouring Afghan communities will observe, discuss, and participate in aspects of the successful Tajikistan model for community-based disaster risk management.
The project activities will include Comparative Risk Assessments of Takhar villages and identification of most at risk communities; establishment of and training for Village Disaster Master Boards or Village Rescue Groups; development and dissemination of Village Disaster Management Plans, small scale mitigation projects, promotion of public awareness of DRR, and surveys. Cross visits will provide Afghan counterparts with the ability to observe and participate in advocacy trainings, simulations and mitigation activities, DRR and coordination meetings and roundtables. The methodology will include using observation and community participatory model in DRM planning.



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Darqad & Yangi Qala Districts, Takhar, Afghanistan + Kulyab & Vose Districts, Khatlon, Tajikistan (TAJ-UNDP-02) and Chahab District, Takhar Province in Afghanistan, + Kulyab & Vose Districts, Khatlon in Tajikistan (TAJ-UNDP-03)