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Clean water keeps the children in school

There is nothing magnificent about a tap. But for the people in the Porvor village, it has changed their life dramatically.

Porvor village is situated in the mountains of Tajikistan and has 750 inhabitants. During the Soviet regime, the area was isolated and the village forgotten. Since then, the village has become poorer and poorer. The biggest need in Porvor has been access to clean water. Mission East has solved that problem by installing taps in the village. Lalmo Kholmadova, known in the village as Aunt Lalmo, describes the life before they had access to clean water:
“We fetched water from channels situated 1-2 km. away. It could take up to two hours fetching two buckets of water. Sometimes I had to leave my baby all alone at home.”
Poor health is poverty

Porvor is one of 23 villages participating in a project supported by EU’s Co-Operation Office, Europe Aid, carried out by Mission East. The aim is to tackle a variety of reasons for poverty simultaneously. We help the people get an income. But an important condition to escape poverty is health: Dirty water and poor health are closely linked to poverty. If you are ill, you cannot attend school. If you drink dirty water, you become ill. If you do not learn how to change your habits, the problems will recur. The villages co-operate with Mission East in improving the access to clean water and learning how hygiene prevents diseases. 

Lost a year in school
In the schools, the children learn about good hygiene practices, for instance the washing of hands and keeping animals away from people’s drinking water. The local health clinics reports a dramatic decrease in illnesses which means that the children can now attend school more regularly.
Dilrabo,who is 12 years, old lost a year in shool because she had to fetch water.
“It took me all day to fetch water. In the winter it was cold, and there was snow and mud on the roads. Sometimes I slipped. I became ill, because I was out in the rain.”
Now Dilrabo is attending school.