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En lysere fremtid med lighed mellem kønnene

Project Status: 


To contribute to poverty reduction by promoting gender justice and improving access of most vulnerable women to livelihoods, health and social security services in Humla and Mugu districts, Nepal

Objective 1: Increased participation of marginalized women in local decision-making in Humla and Mugu, and their increased access to basic services within the project period

Objective 2:
Increased economic opportunity of most marginalised women in Humla and Mugu during the project period via demonstrated acquired skills and/or access to financial resources


Mugu and Humla districts of Karnali region, project target area, are some of the poorest areas in Nepal. Due to their remoteness and poverty levels, their development lags behind most of the country. The fight against poverty in remote mountainous regions of Nepal is hampered by women’s marginalization. Women have low social status and are subject to harmful traditional practices and discrimination. There is a lack of awareness of women’s rights, and women’s opportunities to participate in income generation are limited.






Humla and Mugu