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Nepal 2015 Earthquake Response

Project Status: 

Project Aims:

- Provide emergency relief to earthquake affected population in Sindhupalchok District
- Prevent outbreak communicable diseases via access to clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene promotion

Project Background:

Mission East has been working in Nepal since 2007. In response to the earthquake of 25 April 2015 in Nepal, Mission East partnered with Medair in a joint programme providing emergency assistance in 8 VDCs of one of the most affected districts, where 95% of houses had been damaged or destroyed.
For implementation, Mission East worked with Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organisation (NNDSWO), the Community Development and Environment Conservation Forum (CDECF), and the Sindhu Improvement Society (SIS), a disability organisation.

Project Action:

The earthquake response programme provided assistance to a total of 8480 households (42788 individuals).  Emergency relief distributions provided shelter materials , NFIs and hygiene kits. Hygiene kits included water purification products, considered important especially in the monsoon season, but also in keeping with damage to water supply systems. The WASH response included distribution of materials for 3653 temporary (shared) household toilets and technical support for their construction, as well as repair of 35 community water supply systems, extensive hygiene promotion activities and school toilet facilities.


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Sindhupalchok District, Nepal