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Malnourished North Korean boy
Managing Director of Danish Mission East, Kim Hartzner, has seen the great need for help in North Korea. Thousands of children are malnourished and desperately need food aid.
On the 19th of December 2011, Kim Hartzner was interviewed for the 9 o’clock news on Danish national TV regarding the humanitarian situation in North Korea.   The interview is toward the end of the coverage on North Korea.  
Afghan girl walking through a dry riverbed.
It was ten years ago this fall that Mission East started its operations in Afghanistan.   Thousands of Afghans have since received assistance, but conflict and natural disasters continue to make life difficult for large parts of the population.
Back of maize to North Korea from Mission East
Mission East is preparing for its next emergency food distribution in North Korea.  
The newest edition of Mission East's magazine is now available on this website.  
A North Korean boy suffering from malnutrition
After a harsh winter and floods which have devastated several harvests, the people of North Korea are struggling to feed themselves.
The north korean land is cultivated by hand and with oxen.
How did it happen that about one million people died of starvation in North Korea in the nineties? Can we prevent such a disaster from happening again soon?  
This boy and his family did not even had mattresses to sleep on.
Poverty is so profound in Pakistan's Swat Valley that staff from Mission East's partner organisation resorted to contributing from their own pockets during a recent distribution of aid.  
Mission East has helped radio journalists to interview the villagers.
If you turn on your radio in the mountain villages of Nepal, you can hear people singing about natural disasters.   Songs and radio drama have taught 80,000 villagers in the remote mountain areas of Nepal about floods, mudslides and earthquakes.  
Managing director at Mission East, Kim Hartzner, by the wall sheet.
Toejhusmuseet in Copenhagen, Denmark, has recently opened a new exhibition on the Danish presence in Afghanistan.
Kim Hartzner, managing director, Mission East.
"It is a normal human response to help when we see the huge devastation that results when a tsunami, drought, earthquake or flood strikes. But this devastation can be minimized by prevention measures.  
The Danish government has decided to send 63 million DKK to the Horn of Africa. Mission East fears that this will affect the North Korean people whose great needs will be given low priority and consequently forgotten.
Nepali people are trained to find escape routes when disasters occur.
 Recently, UNISDR (The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) published the book "Risk Returns" which holds a large amount of examples of disaster risk reduction. Danish relief work is represented by Mission East's projects in Nepal.
This 5-year old North Korean girl is severely malnourished.
After three years of boycotting relief to North Korea the EU is now sending food aid worth 10 million Euros to this impoverished country.
The opening of Church and Social Centre in Bulgaria is celebrated.
Saturday June 11th was a great day in the 20-year history of Mission East.  
Mission East has assessed the need for food aid in the province of Kangwon in North Korea.  The needs assessment took place during a visit to North Korea earlier this month.   
Young Afghan boys drink safe water thanks to water systems from Mission East.
Two weeks ago, Mission East and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs entered a second contract for assistance to the population in remote regions of north-eastern Afghanistan.
Happy men in Afghnistan.
Mission East introduced the first beehive to the village of Pumbak in Afghanistan in 2006.
Tigran together with his mother.
13-year-old Tigran used to sit all alone at home.By Tania Maria Lüders Rusbjerg, Mission East Journalist Photos by Hayrapet Hovsepyan