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In the Takhar province in Afghanistan, Mission East has constructed 110 km of gravel road, connecting villages in two of the area’s most inaccessible districts, with the province's capital, Taloqan.
Children, flood, Karnali, Nepal
In India and Nepal, severe flooding has already cost more than a hundred lives, and more people have been reported missing. In Nepal, Mission East is in the process of getting food aid to the victims in the remote mountainous region of Karnali.  
2012 marked exciting new developments in the work of Mission East, both in our project countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, and at home in Denmark.
It isn’t easy to find your way if you are blind, especially when living in an inaccessible area like the mountains of Western Nepal. Simple things like going to the toilet or fetching clean water become an enormous challenge.  
Access to credit: Due to her situation, Sayeed was invited to participate when Mission East, in cooperation with local village councils, organized training for kitchen gardening. "I learned a lot about farming, sales and a healthy diet for children," Sayeed says.
Despite her disability, Ruzimoh is a very fast learner. Her parents realized that when a children’s corner was established in their village.
The Mara people struggle with poverty and isolation in the rugged mountain region of northwest Burma. Until the visit of Mission East field workers in February 2013, only two other Europeans had visited this area since 1938!  
HAP logo
Mission East has joined the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP), which promotes accountability in humanitarian action.
HIV-infected woman and her child
HIV/AIDS is a big taboo in Armenia and is rapidly spreading. Mission East just received over 30 million kroner (ca. 4 million Euro) from The Global Fund for its programs in the area.  
Staff at Bridge of Hope, Armenia
Through education and hands-on training Mission East’s long term partner in Armenia has become an even stronger advocate for people with disabilities.  
Kim Hartzner, Mission East, with children in North Korea
Typhoons and floods have caused huge damage in North Korea. By the end of August 2012 Managing Director Kim Hartzner returned from the country that is already struggling to feed it's population.   Find the pictures and read his story here:  
North Korean children at an orphanage in Haeju.
Managing Director Kim Hartzner, has returned from a disturbing trip to North Korea. Read his story here:   
The Nepal Eternity Orphan Home, an orphanage supported financially by Mission East, is going through serious difficulties and the current orphanage director has been removed from his duties. A team from Mission East went to Nepal to gather information and to assess the situation.
Child from South Hwanghae in North Korea
The Danish relief and development organization Mission East is now distributing aid to thousands of children in nurseries, kindergartens and orphanages in North Korea. Mission East’s Managing Director, Kim Hartzner, emphasizes that the need is great.
Piger i Afghanistan
Once again, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports Mission East’s work in the north-eastern part of Afghanistan.   Their help amounts to more than 1.5 million Euros for a project assisting the local population in the provinces of Badakshan and Takhar.
Children in Tajikistan 2010
Now Mission East, together with our partners, can respond to disasters in the whole world within a very short period of time. This is made possible by an intensified collaboration within the global alliance, Integral.
Review: Building up Healthier Communities in Karnali, Nepal 2008-2011
Since the inception of Mission East WASH activities in Nepal in 2008, access to clean water and better hygiene practices has significantly improved.   This is the conclusion of a fresh review which also includes lessons learned.  
Leaflet front page: Women Empowerment Project in Karnali, Nepal
In the remote districts of Karnali, women have important roles and functions in their community. They have responsibilities and heavy workload, but they have little voice to decide for  their own future and the future development of  their village.  
More than 27.000 children have now received food from Mission East.    One of the children, who has received food aid, is 2-year old Koh, who lives in an orphanage in Wanson City in the province of Kangwon in North Korea.