Integral | Mission East



Mission East is a member of Integral, a global alliance of independent Christian relief and development agencies working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. 

The Integral Alliance responds to disasters worldwide through the Integral Disaster Response Process mechanism. This ensures a faster, more effective and efficient response from the members to help as many suffering people as possible. The members also collaborate to access more needed funding and to target where it is most needed.

Integral Members work in over 85 countries and fund more than 1,100 projects annually.
Integral is well placed to respond to disasters around the world, including the hidden disasters that don’t hit the headlines. Integral was established in 2004.

The members of Integral are:


Baptist World Aid - Australia

CEDAR Fund - Hong Kong

World Renew – Canada & USA

Food for the Hungry - USA

Integra - Slovaka

MAP International - USA

Medair - Schweiz

Mission East - Denmark

Norwegian Mission Alliance - Norway

SEL France - France

TEAR Australia - Australia

Tearfund - Belgium

Tear - Netherlands

TEAR Fund - New Zealand

Tear Fund - Switzerland

Tearfund - UK

World Concern - USA

World Relief - Canada

World Relief - USA