Annual Report 2016 | Mission East

Annual Report 2016

In 2016, Mission East celebrated our 25-year jubilee of bringing assistance to the most vulnerable. Meanwhile, the severe humanitarian situation in Iraq was never far from the headlines, and Mission East’s work in the country increased significantly.

Elsewhere, Mission East also demonstrated our capacity to respond quickly to emergencies, be they natural disasters or conflict-related crises like the typhoon that hit North Korea last year and caused severe flooding. At the same time, Mission East maintained its commitment to support long-term community development, for example assisting particularly remote communities in areas of Afghanistan, Nepal and Myanmar.

Partnerships, an emphasis on resilience, and the inclusion of often marginalized groups also remain essential elements of Mission East’s approach, as illustrated by our long-term engagement in disability inclusion in Armenia and Tajikistan.

We wish to thank all of our partners, donors and the communities we have worked alongside for joining us in the effort of making a sustainable impact. We look forward to continued fruitful co-operation in the coming year and hope you enjoy reading about our joint achievements in the Annual Report for 2016.