Meeting basic needs and promoting psychosocial recovery in the Iraq spill-over of the Syria crisis | Mission East

Meeting basic needs and promoting psychosocial recovery in the Iraq spill-over of the Syria crisis

Project Status: 

Project Aims:

Overall project objective: To address the critical and ongoing physical and psychosocial needs of vulnerable displaced families affected by the shocks of displacement and the lasting impact of the conflict with Islamic State.
Specific project objectives:

  1. To meet the basic needs of displaced people, both immediately after displacement and as the extension of the crisis necessitates further assistance for the most vulnerable
  2. To promote the psychological and social recovery and resilience of children and youth affected by the conflict
  3. To enable basic shelter and sanitation conditions for families returning to their place of origin
  4. To strengthen local organisations which represent most-vulnerable groups to overcome gaps in capacity and mind-set to meet the needs of displaced people and promote reconciliation.

Project Background:

Syria’s civil war has created the largest displacement crisis in the world today, and Mission East's work focuses on three severely affected Governorates. Displaced families are extremely vulnerable and need assistance with meeting basic needs, as well as social support to help deal with the trauma of the situation they have experienced. Mission East will offer assistance in both camp and non-camp settings in particularly underserved areas.


Project activities will include the provision of food, basic household items and hygiene products to displaced families.  Hygiene awareness-raising activities will be carried out to protect community health and support will be given for installation or improvement of latrines.  Child- and Youth-Friendly spaces will be equipped to provide a safe environment for learning, recreation and pyschosocial support for children,  including the development of a network of outreach workers.  Mission East will also work to strengthen local organisations' capacity to meet the needs of vulnerable groups.


Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ninewa, Dohuk and Kirkuk Governorates, Iraq