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Addressing Urgent NFI needs in response to Mosul displacement

Project Status: 

Project Aims:

Overall project objective :  To mitigate the impact of conflict and insecurity by providing protection and humanitarian assistance to affected populations. (Strategic Objective of UN Contingency Plan 2016)

Specific aim: Provide critical emergency assistance to newly displaced people, extremely vulnerable individuals and returnees through provision of emergency shelter and non-food items.

Project Background:

In 2016 the conflict in Iraq continued to present one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.  In the summer, military preparations began to re-take the important city of Mosul and the surrounding area from the so-called 'Islamic State' forces. A huge displacement of civilians was anticipated and Mission East coordinated with the UN and other humanitarian actors to be able to respond to urgent needs arising.


This project involves purchase and warehousing of emergency kits to assist displaced people expected from Mosul. Items included basic household items including blankets, mattresses, kitchenware, cooking stoves, heaters, hygiene items and shelter materials to assist families who had fled the violence with few possessions or whose homes have been damaged or looted during the conflict.



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Ninewa Governorate