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EU now sends food aid to North Korea. Listen to Kim Hartzner comment on the development on P1 the 5th of July.

This 5-year old North Korean girl is severely malnourished.

After three years of boycotting relief to North Korea the EU is now sending food aid worth 10 million Euros to this impoverished country.
Mission East's Managing Director, Kim Hartzner, welcomes the aid because of the great need in North Korea. He urges the Danish government to also donate aid to adress the hunger crisis in North Korea.

North Korea

North Korea

North Korea hungry children

Mission East: Vulnerable North Koreans in need of help

Mission East has assessed the need for food aid in the province of Kangwon in North Korea. 

The needs assessment took place during a visit to North Korea earlier this month. 
Read more about Mission East's visit to North Korea here. 


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