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Video: The Face of Hunger in North Korea

A North Korean boy suffering from malnutrition

After a harsh winter and floods which have devastated several harvests, the people of North Korea are struggling to feed themselves.

North Korea's road to hunger

The north korean land is cultivated by hand and with oxen.

How did it happen that about one million people died of starvation in North Korea in the nineties? Can we prevent such a disaster from happening again soon?
The nineties were a dark period in North Korean history. The collapse of the Soviet Union and several natural disasters played a role in the famine that killed about one million people.

Mission East: ”Reprehensible that the money is not shared out”

The Danish government has decided to send 63 million DKK to the Horn of Africa. Mission East fears that this will affect the North Korean people whose great needs will be given low priority and consequently forgotten.


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