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Mission East chosen to be a leader in the fight against AIDS in Armenia

Kim Hartzner signs papers

From among 21 potential organisations, Mission East has been chosen to lead NGOs in Armenia in their fight against AIDS.

Arman’s new world is full of numbers and colours

Arman with very colourful toys

"It was a tremendous feeling of powerlessness that washed over me when I first met ten-year-old Arman and his family and listened to their story. To see how such suffering can destroy an entire family’s life… it is hard to witness," says Kim Hartzner, Managing Director of Mission East.

Managing Director Kim Hartzner returns home

Kim Hartzner listening to Arman´s heart

"I’m more enthusiastic than ever about this work," says Mission East’s Managing Director, Kim Hartzner, who has lived in Armenia for the past two years. Now, he and his family are returning home to Denmark. Their memories are full of people and stories from a country where disability still carries a huge stigma.


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