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Different but equal

The twins Ruzanna and Syuzanna have not had an easy life, but they are now attending university. Parents, friends, their own spirit and the Armenian partner of Mission East have helped them get this far. Photo: Bridge of Hope

A pair of Armenian twins have overcome many of the limitations that their disability imposed upon them. They are now university students and are grateful to Mission East’s partner organisation, Bridge of Hope, for helping them get this far.

By Kim Wiesener, Communications Officer

Armenia 1998: “The teachers were like prison guards”

Nubarashen, Armenia, 1998. A child eats some of the food that was given to the orphanage by Mission East during the harsh winters. Even children with minor disabilities – such as being cross-eyed – were declared defective and placed in orphanages without any hope of schooling or future work. Photo: Rachel Nicolas

During the 1990s, Mission East distributed food and warm clothes to Armenian orphanages, including Nubarashen 11. But the Soviet attitude towards disability made lives at the orphanages miserable. Jane and Dennis Loze decided to change that.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer

Armenia 1992: The first major relief operation

Værløse, Denmark, 1992. In October, a Russian Ilyshin transport aircraft flew a whole emergency hospital from Næstved, Denmark, to Sisian in war-torn Armenia. Photo: Mission East

In 1988, an armed conflict broke out over the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan. As the six-year conflict reached its climax, the newly founded aid organisation Mission East decided to send emergency relief to the area.

By Line Højland, Communications Officer


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