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Kim Hartzner: Hungry Children in North Korea

North Korean children at an orphanage in Haeju.

Managing Director Kim Hartzner, has returned from a disturbing trip to North Korea. Read his story here: 


Press Release: 20.000 children in North Korea now receive aid

Child from South Hwanghae in North Korea

The Danish relief and development organization Mission East is now distributing aid to thousands of children in nurseries, kindergartens and orphanages in North Korea.

Mission East’s Managing Director, Kim Hartzner, emphasizes that the need is great.

Beyond Bags of Food: A Glimpse Into the Lives of North Korean Children

Kendrah Jespersen counts bags of food aid in North Korea.

Kendrah Jespersen from Mission East left for North Korea to count and control the food distribution. In the midst of all the numbers and the lists she met the ones it is all about: Human beings. Kendrah Jespersen is an experienced aid worker who has lived in or visited 49 countries.
Read her story here: 


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