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Tap stands change lives

Portrait of Indahara Shahi

For families in the poorest mountain area of Nepal a lot of time is spent fetching water - time that could have been spent in the field working on producing a better yield

Rent drikkevand til 1.000 fattige i Nepal inden vinteren

Nepali village

Mission Østs nye landeleder i Nepal, Alessandra Radaelli, har tidligere på året besøgt Karnalizonen i Nepal, hvor Mission Øst i 2007 gik i gang med at hjælpe den ekstremt fattige bjergbefolkning.

Safe drinking water for 1.000 poor Nepalese before winter

Nepali village

Mission East’s new Country Representative in Nepal, Alessandra Radaelli, has earlier this year visited the Karnali Zone in Nepal where Mission East started new projects in 2007 to help the poor mountain population.



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