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Creating equal opportunities for children with disabilities and special educational needs.

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The project is a contribution towards creating equal opportunities for children with disabilities and special educational needs to enjoy and practice their equal rights to education and lead an active and dignified life in their respective communites. It is built on recent progress in developing inclusive education in Armenia, notably via previous / current Danida-funded initiatives implemented by Mission East and Bridge of Hope which have lead to significant changes in the potential for national inclusive education. These include the development and official approval of appropriate curricula for children with learning difficulties, teacher-training packages, training of teachers via cascade model of training, introduction of inclusive education theory in the courses the State Pedagogical University education program, improved public awareness of disability issues, development of parent support groups, legislative changes to ensure the legal right to education for persons with special needs, and the initial recognition of a number of inclusive schools.

The results of the project will include 60 schools with inclusive approach to education and environment for all children, improved psycho-pedagogical (PP) services, legislation and policies on inclusive education, as well as coordinated work between respective governmental and non-governmental strucures will support development of communities in Tavush Marz that accept the equality of all its citizens and are fit for all children.
In total, 1600 school staff and about 1500 children with disabilities and other special educational needs, 1200 parents of children with disabilities (in support groups), 170 professionals from different levels of governmental institutions will be directly benefiting from the project. Indirect beneficiaries include all parents of the students with disabilities, local NGOs, local and national education and child protection authorities.


Project Aims: 

Project Aims:

The project aims to better ensure and promote the rights of children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs to inclusive education and community life, through improved capacity of 60 schools, local structures and services, building a replicable model of an "Inclusive Marz" (province). This proposed project aims to lay the ground for reaping the potential of these important changes on a national level in the future by creating a replicable model of comprehensive approach to inclusive education on a Marz level. The model will be documented and is envisaged to be later applied to other regions of the country.

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Tavush Marz (administrative unit of 4 regions: Dilijan, Ijevan, Berd and Noyemberyan) of Armenia.



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Armenia children with disabilities

First ever vocational education programme helps young people with disabilities become skilled gardeners and carpet weavers

Young people weaving carpets

In Armenia, where for decades disability has been associated with shame and secrecy, some youth with disabilities are finding their way out of isolation and into the labour market. Two schools have opened their doors to the country's first vocational education program for young people with disabilities.


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