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Armenia fights to stop the HIV epidemic

HIV-infected woman and her child

HIV/AIDS is a big taboo in Armenia and is rapidly spreading. Mission East just received over 30 million kroner (ca. 4 million Euro) from The Global Fund for its programs in the area.


Stronger partner in Armenia

Staff at Bridge of Hope, Armenia

Through education and hands-on training Mission East’s long term partner in Armenia has become an even stronger advocate for people with disabilities.

Bridging the Gap: Enabling Bridge of Hope to grow further by enhancing technical capacity of key staff

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One of our key local partners, Bridge of Hope, has entered a new phase of organisational development with an increasing number of projects and donors to report to. Mission East offered to support them by increased capacity building in the area's needed. An assessment identified two area's for capacity building : monitoring and evaluation and financial and budget management. 

Project Aims: 

Project Aims:

This project aims at enhancing the financial and budget management as well as the monitoring and evaluation capacities of our local partner Bridge of Hope in order to manage a growing number of projects and donors. 


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