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ERM in Badakhshan, Afghanistan case study

Emergency Reponse Mechanism case study

Aid to inaccessible corners of the world - Spring 2013

In the Takhar province in Afghanistan, Mission East has constructed 110 km of gravel road, connecting villages in two of the area’s most inaccessible districts, with the province's capital, Taloqan. The villagers used to be hampered by their isolation but now they have gained access to new opportunities.

DIPECHO Projects in Nepal 2013-14

The brochure was devised by DIPECHO partners in Nepal for the launching of the 7th plan of action in South East Asia.

Leaflet: Economic growth for social justice

Leaflet of Access to Trade, Inclusion and Social Justice for Karnali People

Plants and herbs, which are considered effective in traditional Nepali medical treatment, are important resources for the population living in Nepal's Karnali region, but people have limited access to market information and little technical knowledge to create value from harvested plants.

Mission East Annual Report 2011

Front page: Annual Report 2011

2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Mission East. Established with a mission to meet the needs of vulnerable people in crisis-stricken countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, we have since then impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in 16 such countries, with both emergency aid and longterm development interventions.

Minutes from Mission East's Annual Meeting 2012

Front page from minutes from Mission East Annual Meeting 2012

Minutes from Mission East's Annual Meeting in Karlslunde, Denmark, the 29th of April 2012 (in Danish)

Review: Building up Healthier Communities in Karnali, Nepal 2008-2011

Front page: Building up Healthier Communities in Karnali, Nepal

Since the inception of Mission East WASH activities in Nepal in 2008, access to clean water and better hygiene practices has significantly improved. The reduction in time for fetching water has reduced the work load of women, enabling them to provide better care for their children.

Leaflet: Women Empowerment Project in Karnali, Nepal

Front page leaflet: Women Empowerment Project in Karnali, Nepal

The World Development Report 2012 from the World Bank argues that gender equality is a key component for better development.

Your one Euro is worth seven - autumn 2011

In Afghanistan Mission East is building a protection wall protecting the population against natural disasters such as mudslides, earthquakes and floods. Read here what a huge difference it makes to the population.