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Press release: The Armenian Genocide is an eye opener

Driven out by IS to northern Iraq

On April 24, we commemorate the massacre of 1.5 million Armenian men, women and children 100 years ago. The date should shake us awake, so we act against the genocide in Syria and Iraq currently, says Kim Hartzner from Mission East


Press Release: Mission East prevents the second wave of the disaster

Meriam Joe at only 17 years of age broke her arm after the cyclone

After emergency relief was provided for the cyclone affected Vanuatu Islands, the fields belonging to the population will be planted with fast-growing crops to prevent a famine.

Mission East is known for fast emergency care and sustainable development assistance. After the cyclone Pam swept the Vanuatu Islands last Saturday, both are required. Therefore emergency food aid is now launched in re-cultivation of the fields. Otherwise, the vulnerable pacific islands will be facing another disaster.